SVI Carbon Pvt Ltd
SVI Carbon Pvt Ltd
We Believe In Quality
That's the reason we have won our clients' trust
and admiration. Over and over again.
We make durable graphite products
Carefully crafted, engineered for industrial durability
At SVI Carbon, we are focused on perfection and engineering excellence. We take pride in the finesse, the attention to details and the unfailing quality we put into every product that we make. With a vast experience and formidable expertise, we understand the needs of industrial equipment and consistently ensure that we measure up to, and surpass the highest bars of quality. All of this, we offer at highly competitive market rates.
Certified, impeccable standards
An ISO 9000 certified company, we pride in maintaining best-in-class standards and quality levels
SVI Carbon Pvt Ltd first began its journey in 2004. Our long experience has helped us evolve unshakeable standards for our products. We manufacture our products using the best quality raw materials that have a long-lasting life, heat transfer capacity and durability. We have quality control mechanisms in place at every stage of our manufacturing process. Our well-trained and experienced staff of technocrats take great care in maintaining these standards so that we deliver great quality, consistently.
Professional and timely service
Implicit with our products is a promise of reliable, well-trained support
Customer satisfaction is sacrosanct at SVI Carbon. We go beyond our customers’ expectations and have ensured that we earn their trust and loyalty through our dedication. Our satisfied clients span a wide range of industries such as bulk drug manufacturers, dyes and fertilizers, steel cold rolling mills and chloral-caustic industry. We believe in fostering strong, symbiotic customer relationship and we provide reliable support to our customers:
  • We carry out process design calculations of equipments using cutting edge software to ensure their reliable performance on the ground.
  • We assist our customers in installation and commission of equipments.
  • We provide high-quality servicing of all graphite equipments that we supply.